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Assisted Sleep Disorder

Posted in Arduino by antoinettejcitizen on 11/10/2012


This is a prototype I am working on in my studio currently. For some time I have wanted to be able to induce the insomnia “not quite asleep but not quite awake” state. I have a love hate relationship with this state- as it creates the perfect drifting attention that allows my thoughts to be completely fluid where ideas are generated and problems are solved.. until the sleep deprivation just makes you want to cry.

So I thought why not make a sleep disorder device that can induce this state on demand? I was recently the happy recipient of an emotiv brain-computer interface- so I decided to try this work out with it:


The emotiv I currently have s the proprietary software sending  OSC to Proccessing… but it doesn’t offer the best data options. So I am looking into using it with openVibe- and hopefully will get some better results.

At the top is a picture of my studio- the device is basically somewhere to rest/relax/think with peripherals that will be triggered if you fall asleep (determined by the emotiv)

I’m exploring different kinds of methods for making myself up- as it needs to be a gentle method as to not disturbed the fluid thinking. The peripherals at the moment are:

Water spray- trigger by servo and meccano (my new favourite thing!):


Fan- triggered its dc motor via a h-bridge:


flashing light – via a 12volt Led.


Sound – through a bell being pressed by a servo:


Will post some updates with details and links to information about the wiring/arduino-processing and all that fun stuff.

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