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Black Box

Posted in Arduino, Black Box, LCD, Sensors by antoinettejcitizen on 04/09/2011

This is my Black Box. It is an art object that tracks and stores information about its environment. It does noting with the collected data except remember it, continually accumulating information about its own existence. The fours lines are time in existence, the distance in has travelled, current position and relative percentage to current position and an overall interactions count.

I have written a few post about the making of this box. Part One //  Part Two . And there is likely to be more. I am going to be working on some upgrades for this including:

  • charging circuit
  • low power state for shipping
  • Longitude/latitude configuration into regions
  • memory recall- randomly recalls previous states. ie “day 34 in Brisbane, 34890 interactions”
  • randomly removing or “forgetting” data
After its next set of updates I would like to start shipping it around the world. If you would like to offer the Blackbox a place to stay for a couple of days, please contact me.
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