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Arduino Bots

Posted in Arduino, experiments, LCD, Motors by antoinettejcitizen on 03/11/2011

These are my arduino bots. They are made of pan and tilt servos and LCD screens. They “talk” to each other via their screens. Images or video of these do not show up the text on the LCD screens, so i will have to make a version with subtitles (On my list of things to do). They are basically little robots who are trying to collaborate. They talk about potential ideas, try a few things out, have some discussions and a couple of fights.


The Monochrome LCDs are 16×2, one is I2C interface the other is a 3 wire interface– this is what i had, so is what i used. more on LCD…


Their bodies are each made of two servos for the pan and tilt movement. External power is needed if you are connecting multiple servos to your arduino… just make sure you connect the grounds together. On servos:


Using large amounts of text for running a dialogue heavy project like this will use up all your ram and cause a stack overflow. I learnt this a little bit too late in my project and just switched to a mega (the 8KB was enough). but next time I will save text strings to flash(progmem). The uno has 2KB of sram compared to 32KB of progmem.

I would also like to have these bots running from independent arduino and communicating with each other. With my limited experience was slightly too ambitious for this project- but once i get them back I will give it a try and post my results.


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