Antoinette J. Citizen

SD Microprinter

Posted in Arduino, experiments, Microprinter by antoinettejcitizen on 03/10/2011

This is my Microprinter that prints txt files from SD cards. Eventually I would like to hook it up to a ethernet shield and make it do some automated web crawling (programming research required before i get there).

Information on this project:


Links to Microprinter projects:

Arduino Sketch:

Thermal Printers

You will need a POS thermal printer. Citizen and Epson are commonly used.

Citizen CBM 1000 II: Datasheet (This is for my model)

Citizen CBM 1000: Microprinter wiki

Connecting serial to Arduino:

Rs232 (Sipex sp3222 3232) <>  arduino: Tutorial // Datasheet

Another Rs232  <> Arduino:

Info on serial Connections:

MicroSD shield

SDFat Library:

Another tutorial:


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