Antoinette J. Citizen

Monochrome LCD

Posted in Arduino, experiments, LCD by antoinettejcitizen on 03/10/2011

This is my 20 x 4 monochrome LCD. I have connected it via a parellel interface as I need more features than the 3-wire interface can do (special characters, Blink function etc). But here is a tutorial on both methods->


You can use the parallel interface to connect multiple LCDs. All the pins(5) can be shared except you would use a separate enable wire for each additional LCD and separate contrast pot.  This is discussed on the arduino forum (with pictures!).

Other connection methods are Serial or  I2C (Arduino Library).

I also have a I2C LCD from DFRobot- which I used  for one of the Arduino bots. I love my I2C LCD, so simple and only uses 2 analog pins + these can be shared with other I2C devices.


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